Live Preview: ghost links issue

Version 0.13.23

I’ve been following Obsidian’s very strange behavior since yesterday.

The collapse / expand function is unpradictable, each time a different part is expanded.

The note consists of a block of texts and copy / paste images. When I restart Obsidian, everything is displayed correctly until they start intervening and typing. Broken links start to appear, images appear twice, three times … when I move the cursor with the arrows, the letters disappear or appear. Formatting is scattered.

In my opinion, there is a problem with the preview. The source note still looks unchanged.

Please see link:

Can you please post a screen recording of this happening in the help vault and attach a file where this happens?

It is OK until I activate Scrolling headings in settings.

Smazat - test - How Obsidian stores data (64.4 KB)

I don’t know what scrolling heading is and that is not the help vault.

This is help vault. I only duplicated one note and copied note text many times to make the note longer and copy/paste screenshots.

I realized that it is not possible to replicate this issue in short notes and I see it only in notes that has about 20 000 characters and more.

Scrolling headings means this option in settings:

I have Obsidian in Czech, I know it is wrong translation.

When this option is disabled, it works correctly.

Fold heading in english.

That is not the help vault because I can see the minimal theme active.

I need to see the bug in either 1) your vault but safe mode on and with default theme or equivalently 2) the help vault.

Here is another video:

Help vault - deafault Theme - Safe mode ON - Fold Heading ON

I took the note I sent above - inserted some pictures - wrote and moved cursor.

When I restarted Obisidan due to language change to english, it worked fine again. For a while.

you are not collapsing/expanding anything here?

When writing long notes (i.e. over 5000 words) i get this very random and very annoying bug. I don’t know how to describe it because it is doing different random stuff, so i recorded a couple of videos and i uploaded them on google drive

Some notes on the bug

  • This is happening only in live preview mode, when switching to preview mode everything shows as normal, despite of whatever happens in the live preview mode
  • It is not due to the theme, i’m using LYT Mode by Nick Milo, which doesn’t have strange stuff
  • In the note that i’m showing there are several images, and i’m using a snippet to resize them, but i can tell you that for sure this is not the problem, because i have another long note with no images at all which has the same bug
  • If i copy the whole note, then delete all, and pasting it again, sometimes the bug is fixed, other times is still there in the same place (so it is not the case that i left open some block code or something like that)

If find a note where this happens in the help vault, please let us know.

This bug should be fixed in 0.13.24

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