Live-Preview Editor for Ruby element

I’d like to edit/annotate an interlinear text (as follows, in Ruby format). Is it possible for the Live-Preview Editor to behave like (see attached GIF) ?


Many Thanks !!

καὶκαίandCONJ περὶπερίforPREP ἁμαρτίαςἁμαρτίαsinN-GSF (κατέκρινενκατακρίνωcondemnedV-AAI-3S)P τὴν-T-ASF ἁμαρτίανἁμαρτίαsinN-ASF ἐνἐνinPREP τῇtheT-DSF σαρκίσάρξfleshN-DSF

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Can anyone help on this ?

In markdown tables you can add columns and rows if that’s what you mean.
You can search online for Markdown Table Generators as well.