Live Preview Disabled

What I’m trying to do

I am on Osidian 1.5.3 and Live Preview does not work. Default editing mode is Live Preview and Default View for new Tabs is set as Editing View. I do not have any option like turn On/off Legacy. Should I delete application and redownload Obsidian? I have 2 Vaults and original Vault did have a functioning Live Preview - but no longer. Mac OS

Things I have tried

Does this happen all notes in that vault or only a few?

I don’t recall a plugin disabling Live Preview, but it’s possible. The troubleshooting steps are here to find out if it’s a plugin or theme issue.

Off the top of my head, a few issues that often come up:

  • Not actually being in Live Preview mode.
  • Indenting and creating a code block unintentionally.
  • Having HTML in the beginning of a note that is not closed properly and breaking the markdown below it.
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In the beginning I sometimes got stuck in the wrong mode, and had some issues getting back in the mode I wanted. So I’m sorry if this is too basic, but in the lower right there is an icon indicating which mode your in. If you click on this you can go directly to the mode you want. Have you tried switching mode using this icon?

After a while I found that the icon in the top right of a window allows the switch between reading mode and one of either source mode or live preview. This caused me some confusion, until I found that I had to get out of reading mode and then enable/disable source mode in the right click menu to choose between live preview and source mode.

Yet again, sorry if this is too basic and you’ve gitt another issue, but reading your request I got to remember my similar issues when I first started using Obsidian.

Question … since I have < 100 notes, is one solution to delete Obsidian and reinstall to remove any and all interferences. I assume the .md files will be unaffected in doing so.
Am I correct? Seems simplest option like reinstalling Mac OS when things go nuts.

Yes it happens on all Notes

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