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Hey yall,

Long term evernote user here that is branching off and looking for the next level of organization and connection. I love the Obsidian has graph view. Its something Ive been searching for a long time. Its the perfect combination of mindmapping and note taking.

The one thing that is almost a deal breaker is the markdown. I am so used to making live edits with rich text for basic note taking like in evernote that to not have the ability to use bulleting, highlighting, bold, increasing size text, etc, on the fly with just clicks instead of typing things, doesnt justify the switch.

Am I misunderstanding something about the tool and is there a way around this with plugins? Or is markdown a foundational piece that cant be changed?

Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

With the Live Preview that is currently the default, everything except the line you are currently editing will look more like rich text than Markdown. Doing something like selecting some text and hitting Ctrl+B (or Cmd+B if Mac) to make it bold will work already - it’ll add in the necessary markdown. I have keyboard shortcuts set for toggling bulleted list for a line etc.

Additionally, there are community plugins to add rows of buttons to click for formatting operations (I’ve heard “cMenu” recommended for this but I’m sure there are others) if you prefer that to keyboard shortcuts.

Hopefully others can comment better about the process of keeping the rich text appearance if you want to print or export to some other file format. I like that Markdown files take up way less space on my computer (and phone) than rich text files, and so I haven’t really tried any exports yet.

Eager to see what others have to say!

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