Live edit narrowed selection in external editor

I use Typora on my .md files fairly often for reasons not relevant to this post, and it works quite well alongside Obsidian on the Mac–I can edit the file in either Obsidian or Typora and changes are reflected in the other after a short period of time.

I would like to be able to edit a narrowed selection in Typora (or another external app)–basically writing the selection to a temp file, and then editing the selection in the external app and having the updates to the temp file replacing the original selection. This simple enough in concept if the both applications were synchronous–the selection in Obsidian wouldn’t change while Typora is running, and Typora would exit/close and then the temp file could be consumed & cleaned up. However, that’s not the case–both applications continue to run so there’s no real end to the edit.

Is there any way that a plugin could help here?