Lists Unfold in Reading mode When They Are Modified

Steps to reproduce

  1. Paste this into a new document or replicate its contents:
- A
	- test
- B
	- hello

- C
	- test

### test
- D
	- test
  1. Fold A, C, and D in the Editor AND Preview.
    (Need “Fold Indent” setting ON to do this)
  2. In List B, after “hello”, just type anything. (Or type anything after “B”)

Expected result

In the preview, after whatever was typed in List B, List A should not expand.

Actual result

List A expands. You can notice that in the EDITOR mode and with all the other lists in both views, they do not, as expected.


  • Operating system: Windows 10 Pro x64
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.5

Could be related to When checkboxes folded and checking one of them, not unfolding the rest of checkboxes :thinking:

2 posts were merged into an existing topic: When checkboxes are folded, checking one of them unfolds the list

It’s the same issue. This is a limitation that we currently have. The entire list is re-rendered (unfolded) when item is modified.
I can keep it as bug report but be aware that it feature-request-like bug report.

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I just tried in 0.11.9 to click a todo checkbox in preview and it unfolds all lists in the document, which I would call not fixed. :slight_smile: Or is this another bug?

Apperently we still have issue with this bug report too.
I gonna mark it unsolved and sorry for the confusion.