Listing inlinks for current file always leaves an empty 'double' bullet on top

What I’m trying to do

I want a clean list of inlinks to my current file, without any indentation or double bullets of any kind.

Things I have tried

I use the following code:

list without id file.inlinks 
where =

But the ‘without id’ part seems to only remove the value/text of the current, it doesn’t actually clean up that part of the structure of the object, therefore the list still feels like it needs to itemize “something”. How do I just solely list the inlinks without the additional layer here?

Something like this?

Flatten file.inlinks as inlink
Where file.path = this.file.path
Group by inlink

Perfect! Thank you!

Know you have a solution but another simple idea in terms of avoiding indented space and having clean lines is to use a single-column table:

Table without id
file.inlinks as links
where =

That query, @eightning, do depend on your theme to avoid bullet points. In Minimal it shows as separate lines with a table header without the bullet points, but in default mode it shows like this:


One thing which also has caugh me attention lately, is that if your vault doesn’t have unique file name, this can (very seldomly, but it can) show inlinks to the duplicate file as well.

So as a variant over your idea, you could do something like:

TABLE WITHOUT ID inlink as "Links to current file"
FLATTEN file.inlinks as inlink
WHERE file.path = this.file.path
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I had not noticed that. Doh. :flushed:

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