Listing files that ends by specific characters in directory

Hi everyone,

Kinda new to Obsidian and I’m loving it. I have a directory with my daily notes and a note where I have questions for each day of the year. I want to automatically retrieve the files in my Spaces :telescope:/Journal/Dailythat ends with the MM-DD of the file (they are named. YYYY-MM-DD).

Searching the forum, I tried this but it does not work, I have a emoji in my folder name but tried without it, and it still does not work. There is a 2022-02-03 file in the directory.

TABLE AS "File" FROM "Spaces 🔭/Journal/Daily" 
WHERE contains(File, "02-03") 

Thanks for your help,

Hi, use the <field name> in dataview queries to filter or sort results, not the "column name":

TABLE AS "File" FROM "Spaces 🔭/Journal/Daily" 
WHERE contains(, "02-03") 

Ahhhhh. So obvious when you say it, I’m wandering how I didn’t that. Thanks a lot for your time and help.

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