List unfinished tasks from yesterday's daily note

I’m new here and stumbled upon this post List finished tasks from yesterday’s note and was wondering how the solution would look like if I wanted to see yesterday’s unfinished tasks in my current daily note?

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You need to clarify more about it.
Which is the format of your daily notes? YYYY-MM-DD?
“Yesterday” is a relative date, not an absolute date (2021-11-16).
You want a list of uncompleted tasks from previous daily note (only from that note, not other uncompleted tasks from other previous days) in each new daily note?

yes, the format is YYYY-MM-DD and I’m only looking for the uncompleted tasks of the day before. So kind of the same situationen as in the linked post. I also tried your solution from there, which worked fine for me, but I’d rather have the uncompleted tasks transfered to the next daily note instead of the already completed ones.

Ok. In that case you just need to add “!” before “completed”:

WHERE !completed

Thank you, it works perfectly!

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