List notes that have not been created yet

I would love to see a list of notes that have not been created yet.

I often create stubs using [[internal links]] for notes that I think are worth writing about (just not at that very moment.) Many times, I’m reusing these stubs in outlines and hubs, even though the actual note has not yet been written.

It would be extremely helpful to this workflow to see the list of notes that have not been created yet and the number of backlinks to this not-yet-created note. The number of backlinks to a stub would be a great indication which notes should be fleshed out next.


Maybe also see these in the file browser with a visual indicator that they are not created, e.g. being greyed out.
BTW, OneNote shows the links to empty files (as in no content added) as dotted rather than a full line, this would also be useful to show on these backlinks



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If not a feature, this would also make a good plugin idea

Discussed also in How to find links without notes?

Perhaps it would be simple query in Neo4j Graph View Plugin

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Yeah! In neo4j, this should work:

MATCH (n:SMD_dangling)