List items jump forward with every keystroke

I’m using Obsidian on Mac and today I encountered first time this problem:
Whenever I type a listed item (bullet or numbered), it moves forward on and on with every keystroke but when I close the tab and reopen it - it’s all fixed.
Didn’t find anything about it here, anyone has any idea?

A few things to start:

  • What community theme are you using (if any)?
  • Do you have any custom CSS snippets enabled?
  • If you open the Sandbox (Help/F1Sandbox vault), does the “jumping” happen there as well?

I am using the “Everforest” theme.
Not using any CSS snippets at all.
In the sandbox everything’s fine.

Got it.

If you switch to the default theme, how does it seem then?

problem persists

So it seems like it could be a plugin at this point. Try turning on Restricted mode (no community plugins) and restarting. If it’s alright then, you can turn off Restricted mode, turn off all plugins, and go one-by-one or in batches turning them on to find the culprit.

All of these steps are in the forum template, the troubleshooting link/debug link, before you post in the Help category.

Tried this. Turned restricted mode on, disabled all plugins, restarted Obsidian.
Everything works fine, turning them on one by one shows no problem until I open a new note or a new tab and then everything goes up into chaos again. so frustrating :sleepy:

Checked again by opening a new tab each time and I found it - it was the RTL Support plugin.
Thanks very much it was driving me nuts!

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