List/header folding state on desktop app is reset when file is edited on mobile, and vice versa

I live and die by my outliner’s ability to fold headers and lists, and one source of busywork for me is that Obsidian is constantly forgetting my folding settings on files that I also edit on mobile.

Steps to reproduce

Given a vault that syncs with the mobile app:

  • Create a TestFile on desktop, whose contents include a simple nested list.
  • Fold the list so the nested contents are hidden.
  • Navigate to another file, then back, to confirm that the fold is remembered.
  • Wait a moment for the changes to sync.
  • Navigate to a different file (on desktop).
  • Open the same file in the mobile app. Note that the list is NOT folded.
  • (in the mobile app) Fold the list. Then edit some other content elsewhere on the page.
  • Wait a moment for the changes to sync.
  • Back on desktop, open the file and notice that your fold settings were reset.

Expected result

I’d like my folding state to be preserved even after changes to the file are synced from mobile. Ideally I’d like for folding state to be synced/shared between desktop and mobile, but I suspect this would be technically challenging.

Note that the document folding state is preserved if that page stays open in the desktop app when the changes are synced from mobile. Folding is only lost if the file is not currently being displayed in the desktop app.

Also note that the problem runs both ways: editing the file on desktop causes my mobile app folding state to get lost, which is comparably inconvenient.


MacOS 10.15.7, Obsidian v0.13.33, installer v0.12.19.

This looks like a feature request. Please search/open one.

My apologies, I’ll re-submit it. I mistook this for a bug due to Obsidian having “correct” behavior when the buffer is currently open, but “incorrect” behavior when the buffer is not open.

no problem, I understand from the user POV this can seen as a bug. However, this functionally hasn’t been implemented at all.