List files of a certain folder in a pane

It would be amazing if a plugin would list all the files of a certain folder in a pane.

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I like what you are getting at.

I was going in a similar direction with this request: Global vault note that includes everything


Right now there are two plugins that do that
You can use this:

type: folder_brief_live
Cant recall which plugin it uses tho

The other one is dataview:

list from [folder address relative to the vault root]

I would like to automate it more by making it to get the url from templater but unfortunately there is not a internal command for getting current folder url relative to the vault root. It is not hard to make a custom command in templater but making the code in powershell is not convenient for me.

I am hoping someone make it and share it with use tbh

As Archie mentioned, the dataview plugin can to this. Here’s my file table:

table file.ctime as creation, file.mtime as modification, file.size / 1000 as size_kB, file.path from "" 
sort file.mtime desc

For a certain folder you can change from "" to from "your folder"