List as unlinked mention only when not already in linked mentions

Use case or problem

If in page B there is already at least one link to page A and page A is mentioned more times in page B, page B will be shown both under Linked mentions and Unlinked mentions. This makes Unlinked mentions misleading and less useful.

It’s easier to show an example: in this example page A is “couscous”. Look at how all linked mentions show up in unlinked mentions just because the recipes repeat the word “couscous” several times:

Proposed solution

There should at least be an option to, if page B is already listed under Linked mentions, not list it under Unlinked mentions.



+1 to this. Enables you to build your vault Wikipedia-style, where a page only links to the first occurrence of a related page.


This would be helpful and make the count of unlinked mentions more useful/accurate.