List all fields from selected notes in a table

Hi all!

I’m trying to create a table that compares different values of certain fields across notes, but I need the notes to be columns and the fields to be rows.

Think of a “product comparison table” where the first column contains the field names found in all eligible notes, and all other columns are each a note. Each note (column) should show the field values from that note.

Since there is only a small number of notes (columns), and each note has a potentially long list of fields, I need the notes on the x axis and the fields on the y axis, otherwise I end up with a table with 3 rows and 80 columns… that’s the reason.

Example notes

The relevant part of a note looks as follows. It contains inline fields that each have a value.

I picked a movie note type for this example for simplicity.

Note A


  • year:: 2021
  • genre:: action
  • runtime:: 80 min
  • country:: USA

Note B


  • year:: 2021
  • genre:: scifi
  • runtime:: 1.5h
  • country:: Argentina
  • score:: 4

Example table output

The dataview table should look like this:

field Note A Note B Note C
year 2021 2021 2023
genre action scifi romance, comedy
runtime 80 min 1.5h 120 min
country USA Argentina France
score 4 7
  • each note a column
  • each field a row

Things I have tried

table without id
	year, genre, runtime, country, score
from #movie

This yields the data I’m after, but with inverted columns/rows: the fields are each a column and the notes are rows. I need it the other way around.

Bonus points if you can additionally show me how to dynamically feature all fields from the set of notes without writing each one out in the query.

I tried a number of different queries and scoured the forums and web for a hint, without any luck so far.

Thank you!

No one?

The gist: How can I make a Dataview table where notes are columns and fields are rows?

Thank you.

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