List all code blocks using dataview

I know that it is possible to view all todos using a dataview query. My question is whether or not it is possible to list all my code blocks for a specific language using dataview query?

My use case is something like this:
I have a bunch of rules arranged as code blocks in different notes. I want to make a Cheatsheet with all the rules so I need to put all my rules from all my notes into this file and keep it up to date. I think this is the type of problem dataview solves.
Maybe if it is not possible currently it will be a good feature request?


I want to do quite the same. I have admonition blocks in my daily notes with content + internal links, and it would be great if I could query the individual blocks instead of only the pages.

Currently that’s not possible.
You can pull a request in the plugin page. The developer is very helpful.


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