[linux] Keyboard shortcuts to navigate back / forward not working

Steps to reproduce

Use the default keyboard shortcuts:
Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow / Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow

Expected result

To move back and forward through my notes.

Actual result

This menu opens:


  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04
  • Obsidian version: 0.8.0

Additional information

This bug happens regardless of me changing keyboard layouts (found a thread where it was advised to switch to “us” layout). My current workaround was to rebind it to Ctrl + Alt + J / Ctrl + Alt + K

Forgot to mention that i use the .appimage version.

I can’t repro. Is it possible that Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow / Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow are mapped bu default in linux to something else?

As far as i can tell no. Ctrl + Alt + Up / Ctrl + Alt + Down seem to switch workspaces, but the left / right arrows don’t do anything.

I tried disabling all of my Gnome extensions and even with all of them disabled problem persists.

It is not a huge bug, my workaround keybinding is satisfactory.

I’ve the same issue on Linux Debian 10, workaround by changing the shortcut
Obsidian v.0.12.12 (installer version v.0.12.10)

the default shortcuts for back and forward are alt - < and alt - >.

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