Linux Japanese Characters Bug

Hello everyone, I’m a new Obsidian user.
I downloaded the latest version of Obsidian last night and I was setting up my vault and noticed an error while doing so.

It is important to mention that I use Linux Debian on my Chromebook and I use the Linux version of Obsidian. I didn’t try the mobile version yet but I will probably not use the mobile version as I don’t feel I would need it so this is a problem based on Linux version.
(I downloaded the Linux version not the Android app to my Chromebook)

The problem is…

  • I can type without any problem using Roman letters. But when I switch my keyboard from roman letters (in this case english US keyboard) to Japanese keyboard, Obsidian doesn’t recognize the Japanese characters.

  • To find out whether if the characters are not supported at all or is it a keyboard issue, I tried to copy paste some japanese texts from other place to Obsidian and the Japanese characters appeared as how they are…

  • So the problem is the keyboard inputs. You cannot directly write in japanese using japanese keyboard.

  • The only way to work with Obsidian in Japanese language is if you write to some other place or copy & paste the Japanese articles from web…

  • But if you want to write directly in Obsidian, whatever I type in Japanese keyboard mode, in obsidian it appears as roman letters.

  • I assume people who write in a language that has different characters than roman letters might have the same problem (Chinese, Thai, Hindi etc…), not sure if it is same in other OS but Linux on Chromebooks have this issue, so it would be better if the engineers check this out.

My Linux Version : Debian GNU/Linux 10
My Obsidian Version : 0.13.23

We don’t directly support chromebooks.
You can try the android version and see if you get better luck with it

But just like I mentioned, I installed on Linux OS… It doesn’t matter the device you use, the OS I installed is Linux and you support Linux, I didn’t installed on Chrome OS… Chromebooks have two operating systems that you can switch or use one or the other.

Are you using crostini?

CJK works for me on Ubuntu.

If it is Linux Linux, try the snap or app image installer.

This is an issue with how the input methods are installed in your system. There’s nothing special about obsidian, if chrome works, discord works, obsidian should work.

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