Linux AppImage install instructions incomplete - missing

Steps to reproduce

Type below:

  1. Download Linux AppImage
  2. chmod +x Obsidian-*.AppImage
  3. ./Obsidian-*.AppImage
  4. Observe missing .SO error

Expected result

App launches, or prints message on what’s missing

Actual result

Error: “/tmp/.mount_ObsidicNY1i8/obsidian: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”

Solved with " sudo apt install libnss3-dev"


Additional information

Suggested resolution:

  1. Update download site with hint that indicates to linux users which apt package to install
  2. If possible, bake in the .so statically into the AppImage. I’m not familiar with this format though.
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Maybe the problem is not with us but with the beta linux on chromeos???

You won’t hear me defend beta linux on chromeos. However, I see on wikipedia that AppImage format should bundle all libraries that it depends on.

It’s a delicate balance - you don’t want to bundle the world, but you also want the app to work out of the box for as many users as possible. Since the library seems to only be 1mb, perhaps it’s worth including?

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AppImage do not bake in everything. Some core libraries are still assumed to be present in the system.
We’ll look into it in the future