Links to unsupported file types and Same folder as note setting

I would like to thank the developers for adding ability to store supported file types to “Same folder as note”. I was playing with it and I am seeing something that looks odd. Is this just the way it is, is it broken, or am I just using it wrong. I would expect any file I drop on a note to get copied to the attachments directory. I would also expect a link to that file get added to the note. It looks like for unsupported files types a new note is created when I click the link I create manually; pointing to a file in the current folder. If I use the long format “[File Name](file:///C:…)” it opens the file. Is there a limitation that prevents us from being able to drop any file type onto a note? I can see Obsidian tries to extract the content and add it to the note; is that why it is not permitted? For unknown file types can we not create the long format link automatically? If I click on an unknown file it does open in the appropriate editor/viewer. I assume Windows is doing that association. Am I missing something or should I move this to Feature Requests? Thanks.