Links to headings not working on notes inside folder that starts with underscore

I have this folder called “_Inbox” which is where I dump all my notes that I then process when I have the time.
I created a note to test anchor links, but noticed that they don’t work at all, meaning when I hit # to show me all the headings, it says “no match found”


I clearly have 2 headings:



Then I thought that maybe the issue was the folder itself, maybe the underscore, so I opened another folder called “Other” and to my surprise, I can see both headings when I type #:


Now for some odd reason, when I create the links, one shows me the original folder, the other doesn’t:


EDIT: I noticed that if I remove the path from the link and just have the note’s name, it will work:


Note: When I create the links by picking the note’s title when I add [[ (so basically when it includes the path), what happens is that when I click the link, it creates a new empty note with the title “Heading 1” or “Heading 2”.

First example works because you are adding the # after the link [[Anchor link#]]

But if you try to search for an anchor after the displaying text [[Internal links|custom display text#]] it will return no results, because the # is interpreted as part of the displayed text.

You need to add the anchor after the link [[Anchor link#Heading 1| Some Text]]

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Oh ok, it makes sense… this was driving me crazy!
Thanks again for helping me :muscle:

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