Links not working in markdown

Hi Obsidian geeks, I tried using links in the format [[#heading]] and they only work in obsidian and not in any other markdown editor.

MD editors tend to use [heading](path to heading) format. This does make my notes NOT portable. Is there a way to resolve this?

You can change the link behaviour in the settings to markdown links.

Tried that. It doesn’t feel elegant :frowning:




any way it can appear pleasant and when opened in another markdown is translated to Heading which is supported everywhere

WYSIWYG is on the roadmap.

@koala is there a way that I can keep using the obsidian way of linking and then convert them to markdown later?

Not speaking for @koala, but if you look at the roadmap, exporting to standard markdown is being worked on now.

That should be possible with a script. I think simple regex search and replace wouldn’t work because markdown links need to be URL-encoded.

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