Links not only to note but to specific line or paragraph

In Kate (note application from Plasma KDE) there are number of lines displayed:

Line number / paragraph is shown at the bottom left corner of application, so that it is always visible even option to display lines is inactive because doesn’t require creating headings. The problem may occur when user edit note and deletes some lines but hmmm, this may be an alternative way of referring to something or user needs to pay attention how they manage their notes.

I think it would be great if Obsidian could be more precise and link note only to note but to specific line.

Definitely for some notes that are not meant to be edited frequently it is great solution.

Maybe line / paragraph that is being linked to could have a kind of visual indicator.

I read this request but referring to headings requires headings. Referring to lines / paragraphs seems to me much easier solution for users.

What I want to achieve: let’s imagine you study a complex subject like medicine, geography or foreign language. You keep a note where you have a long list of definitions (like 300 which makes this note very long) and when you make another note you want to refer not only to a note that contains all these definitions but to a specific definition. Well, definitions can have headings, but when note contains other type of content in the middle of a long text, for example historical date or other facts you are forced to create headings.

This feature has long been implemented: See the documentation.

And you can also link to headings - the feature request you were citing is about something completely different, namely linking notes from external applications via obsidian’s URL scheme.

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