Links images and attachments handling by new obsidian user

Hi i am a beginner Obsidian user (switching from anytype) with several beginner questions?

many thanks in advance!

2) How do you easily resize/crop images? I would prefer them to be inside text but not in a huge size… (i have image toolkit installed but seems not able to do this)

3) what’s the difference between markdown links and wikilinks? → i currently use betterfile link for external links and internal link (wiki) for intern backlinks

4) how to get an overview within the app? i currently use folders and zootelkeepr to automatically create index files → other ideas?

5) how to handle attachments? i currently use one large attachment folder which is a bulk of everything and images are automatically renamed using another plugin?

let’s say you type a note and refer to a pdf file —> can you add the pdf within the note as some sort of button/thumbnail? (instead of full page pdf)?

It doesn’t say there, but I think you can also specify the length and width by putting (for example) 100x150 instead of just 100.

Markdown links, as part of a widely-used syntax (Markdown), work in many apps. But they are a little ugly (tho not as ugly as HTML links). Markdown lets you move the URL part out of the main body of the text (“reference-style links”), but this isn’t fully supported in Obsidian (and is generally less well supported in apps). Markdown links can link to anything, anywhere. Markdown links don’t get autocomplete suggestions in Obsidian; but if you disable Settings > Files & Links > “Use Wikilinks”, you can type [[ to get autocomplete suggestions, and the link will be converted to Markdown when completed.

Wikilinks are easier to type and read, but they won’t work in many apps. This is partly because they are a more recent feature of text editors than Markdown is (tho they’ve been used in wikis for a long time). It’s also because they assume a limited scope — in Obsidian’s case, a certain folder (the vault). Within that folder they can refer to a file by its name without specifying its parent folders, but they can’t link to anything outside of the folder.

thanks! looks like markdown links are the better option than :slight_smile:

It’s a matter of preference. :slightly_smiling_face: (I use wikilinks; even if I can’t click them, I can use them to find the file.)

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