Links external obsidian to pdf

Greetings to the community, I am an obsidian user and I love its multiple uses so I enjoy it very much. However I need your help to solve a problem as I am a hobbyist in handling it.

A case and a problem

Normally my workflow is to read a pdf file, underline, extract annotations in zoder and place them in obsidian. This allows when I read my annotations to come with a link that allows me to read that annotation in the pdf book. This is useful for small pdf files , but when the file is heavy it is difficult .

Firstly because zotero can’t read the file because it is heavy so I can’t extract the annotations.

Secondly because when I enter the pdf file in obsidian it takes a long time to read the files as well as the annotations.

What I’m trying to do

I would like to use adobe pdf and that the underline option of the paragraph can somehow be used as code this code can be linked with obsidian so that when I open it it references my annotations in pdf it opens directly in adobe pdf in the same paragraph.

Things I have tried

I looked for support in the community on the topic where I read that it can be linked in a general way. I would appreciate your help in advance.

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