Links embedded from raindrop do not open

Steps to reproduce

Embedding raindrop bookmark page on Obsidian Publish page using raindrop embed code.

Expected result

List of bookmarks should display and links should open window

Actual result

Bookmarks display on Obsidian Publish public page but clicking the link does NOT open the bookmarked webpage. Here’'s an example: 2022-May-06 - Cosmic Elevator


Mac Safari

I do not understand you.

When I click to open any of the links in the embedded raindrop iframe, nothing happens, the link does not open.

I struggle to open that website.

It’s published via Obsidian Publish, maybe something wrong with the service hosting?

we’re looking into it right now

I can open your obsidian site but the Raindrop embed is just not there at all.

Even if I open the raindrop link directly, it doesn’t open. So this is a problem with them. Or Maybe you embedded the wrong link?

The links are all updated, not sure if you did that or the profile name took a while to update, but here’s an example link that’s embedded in obsidian.

All of the embeds are visible for me, but the links still do not open.

please review. thanks

This last link that you posted works. The first doesn’t.

yes that link works, but when I embed that link using raindrop iframe embed code, the links display on obsidian page, but the individual item links inside the embedded iframe do not work.

Hi I still have no resolution here. The embedded iframe (from raindrop) includes links for each bookmarked item. When I click on a bookmarked item it does not open. Try it at DAO - Cosmic Elevator

Is there a solution or is this a bug that needs dev?

Ok. Now I can view the website.
Please open a FR asking to allow popups in iframes on published websites.

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