Links Do Not Update When Renaming a File

Hi all,

I just got into Obsidian and I am already noticing the positive impacts into my day-to-day life. I have started linking my notes wherever possible and my productivity is just going up and up.

While tinkering with a template that contained links, I was prompted to update the links when I changed the name of the note. And the rookie me clicked “Do not update”. Now, none of the the links automatically update, nor do I ever receive any prompts when I rename a note. Can anyone please help??!!!

Thank you so much!

Settings->Files and links-> Automatically update internal links (Toggle On)


Hey, thanks for your reply. The problem is like a bug from my understanding. I accidentally selected “do not update” when I was prompted to update the links. And from that point onwards, there was no way to undo this. I toggled On and Off the setting that you mentioned, but the links would never update in that particular file.

During the time Automatically update internal links was disabled, internal links weren’t updated. Any changes you made when the setting was disabled won’t be retroactively updated. When you enable Automatically update internal links, any changes to links going forward from that point on will be updated.

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thanks @ariehen for your reply!! I will keep this mind :slight_smile:

Yeah, chock it up to a learning moment. :smiling_face:

With that setting disabled, it’s the same as if you renamed a note / .md file outside of Obsidian with Obsidian closed. No updating of links.

Hopefully there aren’t too many, and you can fix them as you come across them.