Links created from dragging files hosted on network share incorrectly formatted

Steps to reproduce

  1. Drag a file on a network drive into a note whilst holding control
  2. Switch to Preview mode and click the generated link

Expected result

File to open in default app.

Actual result

Windows error saying it canot locate the file. Note that Ctrl + clicking the link in edit mode functions correctly.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: v0.11.3

Additional information

The error is because obsidian doesn’t escape the \ in the path of the network drive. e.g. “\\share\folder” is copied as is and thus in preview this makes the link “\share\folder”. This can be corrected by adding an extra \ when creating the URI (i.e. \\\share\folder).

Edit note: The exact thing of not escaping “\” occurred here in this post - edited so displays correctly.

Update: Still the same in v0.11.9 - thought some of the file:/// changes in snapshots since v0.11.3 might have altered the behaviour.

Also note that I edited my original post as the issue and fix under additional information was not displaying correctly.

can you post a screen recording of exactly what appears in preview and editor?

will be fixed 0.11.14

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