Links copied from Firefox aren't converted to markdown

I’m on Windows 10 and when I copy link in Edge browser and paste it to Obsidian it’s being converted to markdown - [Display text](https://url) but when I copy link from Firefox it’s only pasting https://url. On Elementaryos converting links doesn’t work at all - even from Edge browser. Anyone have a similar problem?

I have Firefox and it works perfectly. Must be some other issue with your system.

Thanks for the info.

I have installed fresh Firefox (no addons, default settings) but it doesn’t work. I also created new empty vault to test it and again links aren’t converted. Weird.

It’s not just his system.

Out of the browsers I had installed this only works in Edge. Firefox, and TOR which is also based on it doesn’t work.
Curiously, all Chromium based browsers (other than Edge) I tried don’t work either, including Brave, Chrome, Chrome Canary, Opera and Vivaldi.

Also, I’m on Windows, which seems to matter in this case.

Looking into it with this program, only Edge provides the kind of data for markdown conversion.

In the case of Windows on Edge it’s a recent (less than a year old) feature. It goes by URL copy & paste format default, but I couldn’t find it’s equivalent in other browsers.
Here’s the types of clipboard data:

from Edge

from Chrome

from Firefox

But do you copy the link only or do you select the text also?
If there is a difference in the clipboard content that’s the root of the issue and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Copying the URL from the address bar only works in Edge.
Right click → copy link yields only the URL everywhere, but with this setting can give you “markdown” in Edge.
Selecting the text works in Chrome too.

All in all this is not fixable from Obsidian. People (me included) can see now the different kinds of copying at least.