Linking words between Notes without being the title of the note, or subtitle

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I’m trying to Link words between Notes without them being the title of the note, or subtitle.

<I have a problem in obsidian, and I want to connect words inside notes. Let me explain: I have a note called passive transport. and inside the note I explain WHAT osmosis is. And then I create another note, which is called transport in cells, and I mention osmosis, but I don’t want to explain again what it is. In this case I cannot establish a link between the word osmosis and its explanation. What do I do then?
(the word osmosis in the second note IS NOT A TITLE nor a subtitle, it is just a word mentioned).
And structuring my notes in another way is not feasible because I have already created many notes of this type, it would take me a lot of time to change the structure of my notes.

I hope you can help me, thank you very much>

There is no default structure available for linking to single words in another note. There is simply put nothing to link to.

The better way of doing this when you encounter something you see the need to link to is to extract its defintiion into a new note and link to it from both places, i.e create [[osmosis]] and move all or part of the definition into that note.

Now within the “osmosis” note you can also look at its unlinked mention to further work out where it would be natural to convert some (or all) of these to actual link to your note on osmisis.

If you do not want to restructure your notes (i.e., take out the definition of terms to dedicated atomic notes like holroy suggests), then you still can link to the appropriate paragraph where osmosis is explained. Assuming the definition resides in a paragraph of the note “passive transport”, create a link to it by typing [[passi until that note is selected, then hit ^. That will allow you to select a paragraph from that note. You can type osmosi to reveal the paragraphs containing the word. Select the one containing the definition.

At the markdown level, that will insert a link looking like [[transport in cells#^b5a192]], and insert that anchor (^b5a192) at the end of the paragraph in the target note. Slightly ugly, but this is not visible in Reading mode and when you export the note. If that bothers you, you always can set the anchor in the target note yourself (e.g. ^osmosis), and then the link should become [[transport in cells#^osmosis]] (will automatically become like that if you create the link after.


Thanks @vanadium , I thought briefly about block links like you described, but I forgot that Obsidian is actually able to generate those blockId’s needed for that link as part of the auto complete process.

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