Linking to specific pages of epub files within on mobile

What I’m trying to do

I want to link to particular pages/anchors/highlights in epubs from within obsidian, however im trying to see if i can do this somehow on mobile with limited use of third party software.

Heres the catch, i read my books on my boox ereader and i take notes side by side on it in obsidian. Most books are in epub format and not pdf because of the small device screen and easier navigation. I read the books from the neoreader app provided with the tablet and its not an option to open and read those books within obsidian for many reasons.The boox tablet does run android and i can install software on it but it is slower than a phone and in general is a bit more limited. I cant install calibre since no mobile version.

The idea is very simple , i write down an idea in an obsidian note or a quote from a book im reading and next to it i want to have a hyperlink that would open the book file to that location where the quote is from or the idea. It doesnt have to be super precise , it can be the whole page.

Things I have tried

I have looked online for solutions like this

Or this

Problem with this is it requires calibre which to my knowledge doesnt run on mobile, so 8 cant directly do it when taking my notes on the tablet.

I have also seen a solution for pdf that is very easy and convenient, that links to ur pdf file and you append the exact page it needs to open at, like this:

Though I havent found anything simillar for epubs

The reader app needs to support some way (a URL scheme or something) of opening to a specific page, so I’d focus my research on the available reader apps. If none of them provide that ability, probably the closest thing is to place a bookmark or note in the reader app and refer to it by name or percentage in your notes.

(You’d think this would be easier since ePubs are basically packaged websites. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:)

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