Linking to search results based on tags

In my vault, I’m adding various tags to each note using the “tags” property. I know it’s possible to search for notes with a particular tag in the searchbox using the “tag:#mytag” notation. However, is it possible to create a link in a note that takes you to those search results? Reason being, I’d like to write a script that crawls my notes, extracts the list of tags, and generates an INDEX note with the list of all tags, each linked to a search for that tag.

Writing the tag as a hashtag in the body of a note makes it a link to the search. Tags - Obsidian Help

For a list of all tags (but not in a note) you can use the tags view in the sidebar. (I believe it’s enabled by default but if not you can enable it in Settings > Core Plugins.) Tags view - Obsidian Help

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