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Hello I’m new to Obsidian and I like it very much! I’m using basically to write and store my literature notes and I’m wondering if it’s possible to make a link to external files (mostly PDFs) which reside in an iCloud folder
I’m trying this:

[PDF](/Users/myuser/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~com~sonnysoftware~bot/Documents/Steimberg 2012.pdf)

But doesn’t work. Tried also to avoid space and changed last part adding “%20” instead of space but no luck. So I’m wondering if the problems are the tildes or if it’s just not possible to link to external docs. Any help appreciated!
Thanks Nestor

What I’m trying to do

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Prefix your link with: file:// and replace spaces with %20 as you have already done.

Thx Joethei! I didn’t realize that there was a space between “Mobile” & “Documents”… :roll_eyes:

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