Linking to Excel Files on Obsidian Publish

What I’m trying to do

I have a number of excel files in my Vault that I need to share through my password protected website / publish.

I am using a Folder Note with a %% Waypoint %% code on it so that the files show up on their master folder note like a table of contents.

When the page is published I see what looks like a link to the file, but when I click on it I get an error that says:

“The link destination “FILENAME” does not exist.”

Things I have tried

I have searched all available help forum posts and videos on youtube, turned on every Excel-related plugin I can find but I cannot seem to get this to work.

It looks like back in 2021 a feature was built for a previous version, but Obsidian’s “supported filetype” note also doesn’t include .XSLX or .CSV.

It would be ideal to be able to embed one of these filetypes like I can embed a PDF, but it would also work to just create a link to the file that people with the password to my published page can click on so they can download the files.

Any advice?

You could try enabling Settings > Files & Links > Detect all file extensions. I don’t know if it affects Publish — it may be that only file types that Obsidian recognizes will be uploaded. If that doesn’t work and you don’t get an answer here, you can email [email protected] to ask.

.xslx is not a support filetype of Obsidian.

If you use an .xslx in the desktop or mobile application, you will notice that an embed will display a link to open in a different program. Publish uses very similar renders to Obsidian’s reading view, so the behavior is similar, except that Publish will also not detect and upload .xslx files.

Your solution in the interim is to the file via a third party, and direct link to that with a standard url markdown link.

If this is something you also desire to be officially supported with Publish, please make a feature request here and include a detailed use case.

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