Linking to canvas sections/blocks

Use case or problem

While using canvas I’d like to be able to link to a specific block/section inside the canvas without having to resort to turning it into a file.

Proposed solution

Allow using unique block identifiers to work for linking to sections in canvas.
There seems to be a plugin that did this 2 years ago.

But it seems that it does not work with the current versions with obsidian.

Current workaround (optional)

Using tags in a weary scuffed way…
You can add a tag to the desired section and put the same tag in the place where you plan to use it as a “link”. Then you can press the tag that you are using as a “link” and it will show up 2 instances of this tag being used. At which point you need to select from the 2 instances the tag that corresponds to the section of the canvas you are trying to go to…

Which honestly means that the easiest way of currently implementing this would be allowing to create a link to a unique tag since they work for directing you to the canvas section you have tagged.

Related feature requests (optional)

NaN as far as I know…

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