Linking to an "Unlinkend Mention" is broken

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create an Empty message with the title zzz
  2. Go to any other message which has unlinked mentions.
    E.g. with an unlinked mention in
  3. Click the “Link” button

Expected result

Obsidian should create a link in the file with the unlinked mention (in the example that would be create a link to

Actual result

Obsidian creates a link in zzz or whatever other file is the last of the sort order.
But not in the one it actually should (


  • Operating system:
    Ubuntu 20.04
  • Obsidian version:
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Wow! This is a big one

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Glad you can reproduce it as well :slight_smile:
Was posting a lot the last two days and don’t want to bother you guys with too many posts.

Nah, your posts are good, keep them coming please. :slight_smile:

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will be fixed 0.8.11

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I can confirm this is fixed in 0.8.11

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