Linking to a forum topic with just title

I am embarrassed that I cannot figure out how to simply link to a topic in the forum with just the title (no inclusion of content from that topic). I know how to quote and how to use the link function that includes content, but cannot figure this out and want to reduce my big clunky link boxes to a simple title link ASAP.

Information about how to learn to better use the forum would be appreciated. I went to a site on Discourse, but could not find what I was looking for. I remember there being something about a tutorial, and could use that right about now. Thanks for your help.

I usually just copy the link and put it into a new post using the standard markdown link format:

[display text](URL)

which resolves to the clickable display text. Gets to the same point as clicking the link tool in the edit box and filing in the two fields.

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Far as I can tell, if you include a link on its own line, like this:
…it renders a preview, like this:

But if you paste a link inline with other text, like this (, it renders the link into a preview of the title only.

…at least, that’s what I thought, but it’s not working. Hmm…

Edit: a test. Linking to a forum topic with just title

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(Linking to a forum topic with just title)

Works for me.

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Thanks. You were both right. When I put the link inline without starting a new line (even if link starts new line itself for lack of space), it only shows link name. But, I found that in this case the parentheses are not needed and perhaps that causes the issue.

The markdown link format also works like a charm. It is very good to know I can do that. Much appreciated.

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Aha, thanks—I just had to hit publish on my test. The “full” link preview renders in the post preview, but link names don’t render until you publish the post. Good to know!

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If memory still works for me, in one of your posts (EDIT: yes, the very well ⊗), you used bookmarks/anchors (footnote-ish) which if clicked allow jumping to another location within the same post. Would you mind sharing how-to?

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Tedious effort, ha. I used this:

Discourse has a Footnote plugin, but it is not enabled here, as far as I can tell.

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:+1: :+1: Thank you!

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