Linking Split Windows

Things I have tried

I’ve searched the forum and help text without success.

What I’m trying to do

What I want to do is split the display windows and have the graph view in the left window. When I select a note or attachment in the graph view, I want the detail of the note to display in the right window and leave the left window with the grpah view. At the moment, selection replaces the graph view in the left window.

Hopefully, I’m missing a configuration or CSS setting.

I’m two days into working with Obsidian and so far it’s a huge leap ahead of anything else.


I’m not 100% sure I understand the issue, but since you haven’t mentioned trying to pin the graph view pane, I think I have an answer that may work. Try the following:

  • close all panes
  • open the graph view via hotkey or button on far left of interface
  • click the three dots (vertical ellipsis) button at top right of graph view pane and choose “split vertically”
  • click the three dots button on left pane and choose “Pin”
  • click a note node within graph view on left pane (now pinned) and see that it opens note in right pane

Hope this is what you were asking, and that it works. Good luck.


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Thank you for the advice. That does exactly what I was looking for.


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