Linking pane A with pane B doesn't immediately update pane A to B

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open 2 panes, each with a different note.
  2. Click on “Link to pane” from one of the panes and choose the other pane.

Expected result

The destination (chosen) pane should update to show the source pane.

Actual result

The destination pane doesn’t change so it looks like something is broken because the two panes don’t look linked.


  • Operating system: Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7
  • Obsidian version: Obsidian 0.9.15

See attached .zip file with demo showing the problem.Screen Recording 2020-11-24 at (1.4 MB)

Again, only file bug reprts with default css and no third party plugin enabled. It’s in the bug report template text.

I didn’t know that plugins could break Obsidian in these ways. I will uninstall plugins until the plugin system is more stable.

it’s not the “plugin system” per se. It’s individual plugins can have their own bugs. So if they introduce a bug, it’s not under our control, you should file a bug report to the person who is developing the bug.

Understood, will do, thanks!