Linking Obsidian note to DEVONthink


Can anybody please explain to me how to use the UUID of a DEVONthink item in Obsidian?

If I take a note, I want to link back to the original document for reference. In DEVONthink I can get the item link, which looks like this: x-devonthink-item://10BA9397-2667-4C62-8959-6E0396521CA9. If I paste this in Obsidian I do not get the linking functionality.

Does anybody know the correct syntax I have to use here, that Obsidian “sees” the link and opens the document in DT if I click on it in a note?


Simply use the item link with standard markdown syntax, i.e.
[DT item](x-devonthink-item://10BA9397-2667-4C62-8959-6E0396521CA9)


Thanks for the fast and helpful answer. Sadly I am not so proficient in markdown and my search in the web produced no helpful result…

Have a nice day!


There is a remarkably easy way to link to the UUID of sources/documents in DEVONthink.
In DT: index your obsidian vault, open the target note, then select the sources/docs you want to link to and Cmd-Alt-Drag & drop them into the note.
Presto! the link(s) show up, properly formatted and named in Obsidian.

(It took me a while to find an answer to this – and it is useful for DT users --, so I’ve crossposted this answer in a couple places here and on the discord server).


Thanks for the tip! I use DT to index Obsidian so it’s a valuable trick for me.

PS: for those who use DT but don’t index Obsidian with it, remember to use ⌘⌥⌃C to copy the item link of the selected item, which is way faster than clicking through menus :stuck_out_tongue:

Umm…WOW. Mind blown.

You know what’s even cooler? When you make this connection on the mac, the hyperlink also works via 1Writer to Devonthink to Go on the iPad! So, essentially, I can dump a bunch of read it later PDFs into Devonthink, read them on the iPad while creating zettels in 1Writer.

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DEVONthink item links are unique, so as long as the database is present on a device, DEVONthink will find it, open it, and open the linked item.

Mathematically they are not ( :wink: )
But for real life usage they are.
UUID and Hashes are great solutions BTW…

Thank you for correcting my hyperbole with harsh reality. It’s why I come here.


This AppleScript may be useful. Can be used with a text expander app like Typinator.

tell application "DEVONthink 3"
	set mySelection to selection
	set firstSelectedItem to item 1 of mySelection
	set myString to "[" & the name of firstSelectedItem & "](" & the reference URL of firstSelectedItem & ")"
	return myString
end tell
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With this, the backlinks stop working in Obsidian. They only work if the link is using Wiki format, i.e. [[

Hi there. You seem to know a lot about DT and Obsidian integration. I’m new to Devonthink. I just indexed my Obsidian vault, but realized that DT doesn’t pick up my YAML tags. Is there a way around this? I know it picks up inline tags in the text, but is there a way to pick up YAML tags in DT? Thanks so much.