Linking notes to source

What I’m trying to do

I’m going to be taking notes on a book I just finished reading. There will definitely be more than a few.

Something that may not be an issue for others that’s not clear to me is how to link the notes to the source without including at least a précis of the bibliographic data in each note.

Suggestions appreciated.

Things I have tried

I searched on this topic here. Found some things that were interesting, but none addressing this issue.

since no one has responded, i’ll just say what I’ve come up with, where I am at the moment.

first, my immediate concern is noting the source on which notes are based, not initially longer form writing.

i’ve checked out the citation plugin. not certain, but it’s probably overkill for my need at this point, i.e., most relevant to providing citations and bibliographic for longer form writing. open to learning otherwise should it be the case. In addition my zotero database is out of date at the moment, i.e., has few records related to my current interests.

so for now what I will do is briefly note the author, title (possibly abbreviated), and date and/or page of the publication on which the note is based.

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