Linking Links that appear in one line

When I have a sentence with two [[linked]] [[words]], is it possible to make this relationship visible in the graph view?

What I want to see is how close things are related.
If two words are linked in one line they should have a stronger link than if they simply appear in the same paragraph and so on.


If you’re writing note [[a]] and create links to [[b]] and [[c]], the graph will only show the connections [[a]]—[[b]] and [[a]]—[[c]]. Only if you link to [[c]] from [[b]] or vice-versa, will these two be directly connected.

I believe this is the only reasonable, manageable behavior. Otherwise, the graph would become a jumbled mess in no time, with a single, densely linked note being responsible for possibly dozens of mutual connection between its linked notes.

However, if, while writing in [[a]], you discover a strong connection between [[b]] and [[c]] that’s independent of [[a]], you can help shape the graph accordingly by writing about that in one or both of those notes.

This must be one of my most convoluted replies ever. I hope it makes some sense.

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I think this is an interesting area for exploration, but understand the concern for exponentially more connected notes if this was default behavior.

In the past, I created a somewhat relevant request where it would be possible to create multiple shortened links within actual link names essentially creating an MOC out of an actual link not the note itself although it would do that as well. Here’s the link although, to be honest, I did not do a great job explaining my idea here and there: Nesting functional link aliases within link names

I will try to come up with a syntax so that I can propose a use case with an example to better demonstrate what I am getting at.

Because it has been a while since I said this, I just wanted to add my thanks to the Obsidian developers, Plugin developers, tTheme developers, Snippet and Workflow sharers, and question answerers. This is such an amazing tool and forum that keeps getting so much better.

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I think writing about the connection between [[b]] and [[c]] as a good idea, but maybe it would be a good idea if pages could be linked manually. E.g I could connect one link to the next one that would come up like this: [[b]]-> “text” [[c]]
In the graph view a filter could hide those connections if they would clutter too much.

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