Linking Into Other File Formats / Embedding Blocks from them

Hello everyone,
let us consider a common case in a developer’s life.
You pull a repository from github, and you start exploring it. On your side screen, you have obsidian open, taking notes about parts of the code, how things are interconnected.

  • Linking into a file: You are navigating through files with different extensions than .md, which you could open with any text editor. For example, a .py file for a python script. Wouldn’t it be great to have a link to a particular line of code in your .md file? For example, whatever lies at line 55. No matter where this file is located in your drive, a click to this link from the markdown file in obsidian, and boom; you are there.

  • A click to this link, could summon the process of opening another editor, or an IDE like VSCode , and then navigating us to that particular line of code.

Taking it one step further, couldn’t it be amazing to be able to embed blocks of code from external files? Example: Within the obsidian editor, in a markdown file, we see the lines 55-60 of repo_dir/lib/ so to say.

Taking it even further, one can think of how to fix these mentions, so that updates at the code does not (brutally) affect these links / embeds. For example, one might need to add a comment to the file of different extension in order for link to be functional. Such as adding a line like #OBSIDIAN_LINK:ID to a python script.

While this seems doable, as a person who started using obsidian not long ago, I just wanted to have a discussion about it first. Maybe there is one such extension out there? :slight_smile: