Linking Headings


I am using Obsidian in my Android Mobile. I prefer linking subheadings on my notes. There is an option to do with the code [[PAGE-NAME#Heading]] which results as follows:

The problem here the way it looks. I don’t want it to be looked like that but simply Heading for that I will need to add Heading followed by a pipe as [[PAGE-NAME#Heading|Heading]]


I hope you can understand how long I need to type to link a single Heading so I expect something like this. Soon after I type [[# In my obsidian mobile it must suggest all headings in the vault as it do when I type the page name following [[ as follows:

And also I want it to displays automatically only the heading.

There is already a built in suggestion for all headers in your vault.
You can activate it by typing [[##.
[[# is already used for all header in your current file.

There is the Link Headers Directly plugin (obsidian://show-plugin?id=link-headers-directly | for your second request.
It does not work on LivePreview yet though.


I don’t prefer plugin because I need to off the safe mode. What is your advice on this?

The second part of your request is only possible with the plugin.

If you want to see a different name you will have to use aliases manually.

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