Linking external files when working with different operating systems

What I’m trying to do

I am working on the same vault (using obsidian sync) with two different machines that are running on Ubuntu and Windows, respectively. When linking to external files on my hard drive, clicking on these links obviously just opens the desired file on either my Linux or my Windows computer. Can people share some ideas how they are coping with this problem?

Things I have tried

So far, I am double-linking each file: one link containing the linux path, a second link with the windows path. There may be an easier or more obvious solution I haven’t thought of yet…!? Any advice?

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I have in my Bookmarks a folder in which one subfolder is called symlinked_linux and another symlinked_windows. So similar setup to what you have.
I had looked around before but I gave up trying to find a solution because:

  • I don’t need to update anything right now because I symlinked the topmost folder (on both platforms, Windows and Linux), so any new folders or files get added, they will be available to browse automatically in Obsidian while I am on either of platforms;
  • there was another reason that I forgot because I had to finish the sentence above. :slight_smile:

I don’t currently link to outside files much, and when I do I just use them as a search guide if they have the wrong path.

But before Obsidian I used a text editor context menu script that interpreted the selected path as one for the current device before opening it.

So if I knew how to make plugins I’d make one that did something similar.

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