Linking Dataview and Mermaid Gannt

Hello, Newbie question here and first time poster.

What I’m trying to do

Link the output of a Dataview table to the input of a Mermaid Gantt chart.

What I have done

I have a simple Dataview query which extracts the values from two date properties in my notes - YearOpen and YearClosed into a summary table. This works fine.

table YearOpen, YearClose where nonnull(YearOpen) SORT YearOpen ASC 

Output: (sorry no image, Obsidian seems to block my screen image capture hotkey)

File(2) YearOpen YearClose
Dolly Varden November 27, 2013 December 20, 2013
Beaver Valley December 29, 2013 February 14, 1980

I have a Mermaid Gantt chart that displays a bar defined by the open and close dates just fine (sorry no image). I would like to replace the manually inserted test dates in the code below with the YearOpen, YearClosed dates from above.

    title A Gantt Diagram
    dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD
    tickInterval 1month
    axisFormat %Y-%b
    section Dolly Varden 
        Dolly Task  :Dolly1, 2013-11-27, 2013-12-20
    section Beaver Valley
        Beaver Task :crit, Beaver1, 2013-12-29, 2014-01-14

I am uncertain how to link Dataview and Mermaid.
Do I need JS code in Mermaid to parse the Dataview table and massage it into Mermaid format?
Can I read property values directly from Obsidian notes in Mermaid using internal links to the properties?
Do I have to go through an intermediate file (e.g. export to from Dataview to CSV and read that into Mermaid)?

I also see that I will have to make the output date format from the Dataview table meet the expected input format for Mermaid.

Any guidance on best approach or references to code would be appreciated. Thanks.