Linking an MOC to a Folder

Many users create an MOC File within a Folder of their content. Here it would be really cool if the folder itself could create (right click-function) an moc overview note which then would be created within the folder but not displayed. When the user selects the folder itself the MOC should be displayed as normal node (so the linked MOC node actually)


  • Note creation with dedicated YAML property to folder like “moc-folder”

  • The MOC note itself should be hided be default (YAML tag auto-hide: true ) in the folder itself. If the tag is false the not is displayed normally

  • Folder actions
    – “Create MOC”
    [optional]: Automatic content creation like Content List (data view insertion)

  • Folder selection
    – automatic display of moc file which holds the link to the current folder
    – the note must act as a singleton that not a second note manually created also acts as the moc of the folder (or displaying an error message if multiple results where found)

This would resolve the problem to always create a structure file within the folder structure

Are you referring to something like these:

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Just found this on community plugins: