Linkedin Plugin for obsidian

Hey everyone, I have been able to build a basic Linkedin plugin that allows anyone to directly post to LinkedIn from their obsidian notes. As someone who posts on Linkedin quite regularly, as well as uses obsidian to ideate and write posts, I find it incredibly useful to just post to Linkedin with one click.

I would love to add any other functionalities that the obsidian community may want from this plugin, and if would love to onboard any contributors for future development if interested.

Github repo: GitHub - mw2000/linkedin-sync: An obsidian plugin to post to linkedin directly from the obsidian app.


This would be huge.

Hi. Is anyone looking at the reverse. I tend to write the Post in Linkedin - so I can use the Mentions. Just recently I converted all my Linkedin Posts and Articles to MD . And I wrote an article about my experiences. Linkedin and Obsidian