Linked Reading View tab

Just loaded 0.16 and one of my favourite features is gone!

Before, there use to be a button that allowed to toggle between Editing and Reading views. If i cmd+clicked on it, it would open a new tab in Reading view. Now I could see both the markdown and the final product. The two tabs would even scroll together!

this was extremely useful on very math-heavy notes!! please bring it back

linked panes are gone?

they are not gone and it’s still possible.

Cmd/ctrl-click on “toggle edit/read view” does it.

You can also enable the old view header by going into Settings > Apperance > Advanced

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Is there a way to ONLY show the “old” title area and hide the new large font header thing?

Yes, look at the settings.

Uh, thanks. I was expecting to find this in “Appearance” near the other title-related setting, so took me a while to find it in “Editor”. Maybe I’m slow. Here’s a screenshot in case it helps anyone else looking for this:


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