Linked pane in sidebar unlinks at Obsidian restart

The bug
I’d like to have a note in edit mode in the sidebar linked to the note in the main pane, which is in preview mode.
It is possible to link panes and then move one of them into the sidebar.
However, when I restart Obsidian, the link of those panes is gone.

A side note
I am not sure that my way of doing is intended in the first place and is quite hacky (please don’t remove this possibility of getting the linked pane in the sidebar, though), so I am not sure whether filing it as a bug is the right spot. It might as well be a feature request to being able to link notes in the sidebar to notes in the main window or to make an option to have an edit mode sidebar window (plugin idea?) for the currently selected main note, which is in preview mode.

I don’t consider it a bug report right now, but feel free open a new feature request for this. I think there might be alredy one, so search before posting